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CARE Fertility at the Fertility Show 2016

CARE Fertility at the Fertility Show 2016

Nottingham one to one

Jaycie's Journey

Where life begins - For the first time you can watch a baby's journey to life from 1 cell to the 100 trillion cells of a baby at birth

Dedicated fertility care focused on your individual needs

You may be thinking about IVF for the first time, or have already started your journey elsewhere, whatever your circumstances or fertility concerns, our promise to you is that we will do everything we can to help you have a baby.

We understand your needs and concerns

By coming to CARE, you are placing your trust in us, not just in our medical and scientific experience, but in our understanding of your emotional needs. It is a responsibility we take seriously. We know how emotional infertility can be and ALL of our staff are committed to your wellbeing.

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